Publish on YOUR Terms

Produce high quality eBooks, paperbacks, and/or hardbacks like a true professional while keeping the freedom and control of an independent, self-published author.

Instead of signing over your publishing rights and the lion’s share of royalties to a self-publishing house, work with our team of expert editors, designers, and publishing pros.

It doesn’t matter how you publish if you do it well, and we’re here to help you make the best possible first impression on the marketplace while being as independent as you want to be.

Services That Work for YOU

Deciding to become a published author is a big decision. Penning your creative vision was only the beginning. In order to realize your dream, next you’ll need everything from editing and proofreading to book interior and cover design. Our editors, proofreaders, book designers, and managing editors are standing by to help you publish on YOUR terms.

Book Editing

Editing & Proofreading

Start with a free assessment and sample edit accompanied by a customized proposal to determine if you’ve found the right fit.

Offering Development, Critique, Substantive/Structural, Line Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading services for US and UK English, Fiction and Nonfiction, most genres

Free standardized formatting and free Track Changes training included with all editing services.

Book Publishing


Not sure where to start, how to decide who to work with, what publishing steps you should take, which POD to use…? From new authors to experienced authors, publishing can seem more complicated than it is and thanks to technology, that landscape is ever changing, but a Managing Editor is standing by to help you sort out the details so you can publish like a pro.

We offer a wealth of free resources and hourly billable customized support services that are tailored to each author individually.

Request up to 1 hour of free phone consultation scheduled at your convenience to discuss your publishing goals and how to meet them.

Desktop Publishing

Design Services

Capture the spirit and essence of the story while blending your creativity with marketing strategies that sell.

Unlimited revisions and guaranteed file acceptance.

Our designers’ expertise covers most genres and design styles

3D covers, social media banners, business cards, logos, maps, bookmarks, and more.

Experienced designers are standing by!

Why Us?


If you want a personalized experience where quality and 100% satisfaction are the focus, you’ve come to the right place.

We help authors of all experience levels develop professionally packaged books and choose the right distributors and distribution plan for their goals, customizing every step of that process specifically for you to publish on YOUR terms.

An Experienced Team

Only editors and designers with proven excellence in their field work within Indie Author Publishing Services and The Pro Book Editor, and key team members are also published authors so they understand your needs from experience on both sides of the business.

Projects are brought to fruition by a team of highly experienced professionals under the direction of a Managing Editor who assigns the right editors and designers specific to your style and voice while guiding you through a customized self-publishing plan.


Quality Control

We do not accept all submissions because we believe quality and excellence are more important than quantity. Our business is successful because of this belief, not because of a high volume of contracts causing our associates to rush through projects.

Your Managing Editor will take responsibility for on-time delivery and quality workmanship of each step in packaging your book versions.



Includes: Process Overview, Detailed Checklist, and Additional Information

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