Our cover design service produces a completely unique cover without the expense of photo shoots and/or commissioned artwork. A combination of original digital assets and multiple licensed images from stock photo sites are used to create an extensively customized unique design.

Includes free barcode generated from your ISBN, set of 3D & promo-sized eBook images, and guaranteed file acceptance.

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The art of creating a book’s interior involves making decisions to influence the way readers experience the content of your book for both print and digital versions. Through understanding what your unique book is about, our experienced book design team will produce professional and dynamic print and digital book publishing files to the specifications of any distributor(s) you choose.

Beyond the design aspect of headings and fonts and line spacing, your personal managing editor will guide you through completing your front and back matter, like a copyright page, about the author, review invitation, other books pages, and much more.

Samples available upon request.

Book Design Details & Pricing info sheet includes What You Can Expect, all package options and pricing, and editable order form.

* Unlimited revisions means you can submit revision notes until you’re happy with the design, but it does not include changing your mind on the art style or details or direction of a design to the extent that backtracking in the design process would be needed. We invite authors/publishers to provide as much information as they wish to influence the design they want, from tweaking a design we recommend to dictating the entire design to their specifications from the start, and a managing editor will help guide the process to so you can get the design you want.

* Nonfiction books may incur an additional fee to accommodate working with extra titles, tables, bullets, images, etc. not typically found in fiction works. Submit your manuscript for review with your order form to determine additional fee, if any.

Order form includes What You Can Expect, all package options and pricing, and direct contact information for your personal publishing consultant.


Keep in mind that our design services are custom tailored to each client, so the covers displayed here range from being fully designed by the author, to a combination of their ideas and our design expertise, to 100% our design ideas and expertise. With unlimited revisions provided by seasoned professionals, you can count on getting the cover design your book deserves.



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