Why do you need editing and proofreading?

The writer will always see what they meant to write, but an editor will see what they actually wrote and help get the point across as intended.

Everyone needs an objective opinion, a fresh set of eyes. Editing clarifies your message and makes sure what you intended to say is actually what readers will experience while preserving your creativity and unique voice. Proofreading focuses on technical accuracy, adding the final polish.

To compete in a marketplace where the standard is that books are professionally edited and designed requires meeting or exceeding that standard. Our team of editing and proofreading professionals are standing by to help you complete this critical step.

Editing is more than fixing grammar and spelling.

You should expect more.

While editing polishes your manuscript through collaboration, it can also be an invaluable learning experience. Finding the perfect editor to work with can result in lowering your editing costs over time, because a great editor is also a teacher.

Your Managing Editor will guide the process through the editing steps while assisting you with learning as much as you’d like from the experience, as well as teaching you how to use tools and resources as needed.

Your free editing sample and assessment of condition are only an email away.


Collaborate with a Managing Editor from our editing department, The Pro Book Editor, who will provide a free sample of workmanship, assessment of condition, and detailed editing proposal. We cover fiction, nonfiction, US and UK English, and most genres. 

By assessing and sampling, we can give you custom pricing that is only for what you need, unique to your writing skills and hard work. A general idea of pricing ranges is shown below.

The proposal will detail pricing and scheduling information in an outline of the recommended editing plan, specific to your document’s condition.

Available Editing Services (with price ranges):

Critique Service (case by case)
Development Editing ($0.024 – $0.034 per word)
Substantive/Structural Editing ($0.020 – $0.024 per word)
Line Editing ($0.020 – $0.024 per word)
Copy Editing ($0.014 – $0.018 per word)
Proofreading ($0.012 – $0.016 per word)
Translation Copy Editing (case by case)

Why should you trust us?

The team at IAPS and The Pro Book Editor were professional and human, a combination that I have found rare in the book publishing industry. I couldn’t be more grateful for Debra Hartmann who caught me more than once in mid-fall and pulled me to my feet. She was accessible, always timely, a wonderful support in all phases of production. Her experience, along with the team’s expertise, helped to create a book I am proud of. For writers like me, there is no higher praise.

Sherry Blackman, Award-Winning Author, Journalist, Poet, and Reverend

After what was a horrendous experience with a previous editor, Debra L Hartmann and her team were an absolute breath of fresh air. The level of expertise and professionalism was off the charts. Not only were we able to deliver the latest book in all formats to the right distribution, she re-worked the previous book into an absolute masterpiece. In this crazy, complicated, and often hard to comprehend world of self-publishing, it was nice to have a team there to help me navigate through the maze of complexities and nuances. I would highly recommend Debra and her team to any author, new or seasoned, to help you put your message out into the world!

Joe Contrera, President and Founder of ALIVE @ WORK LLC

As a new author, if I could pass on just one piece of advice to other aspiring writers it would be that you absolutely must have your book edited, and you should hire Debra L Hartmann. In addition to being an excellent nuts and bolts editor, she is a caring person with extensive experience in the publishing industry and always willing to cheerfully dispense advice and answer questions above and beyond the editing process. There are a lot of obstacles on the road to getting a book published, and Debra was there at the beck and call to help pave the way. I wholeheartedly endorse her and her company.

Dan Romanello, authordanromanello.com

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