What if I have no idea where to start?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We specialize in empowering authors to be as independent as they want to be by providing unbiased information about all of the options and how everything works so they can make informed decisions about their publishing journey.

Start off with a free sample edit, assesment of condition, and detailed proposal and/or free publishing consultation. The managing editor you connect with will then be your personal guide through the publishing journey, wherever you are in the process already. During editing and design, we’ll assist you with setting up your copyright page, understanding what to do about ISBNs and selecting categories (genre) and keywords (niches), setting up front and back matter pages, and so forth. Your proposal will include a wealth of information and your managing editor will be available to answer any questions you have every step of the way.

How long does the process take?

This truly depends on what combination of services will be needed and your participation for revision work and reviewing proofs and mockups through the editing and design steps. As a general idea, the average editing and design process takes about 2-3 months. The publishing process takes 1-2 weeks from exectuing the publishing steps to having the first copy off the printer in hand and online listings available at retailers.

Your free sample edit, assessment of condition, and detailed proposal will outline the expected time frame for each step in the process of preparing your manuscript for publication.

What is a Managing Editor?

A managing editor is a very experienced and skilled editor who will complete the first editing round with you and then assign the right editors from their team for the rest of the editing steps, to put fresh eyes on things for optimal quality, and manage quality assurance and on-time delivery every step of the way. They will also guide you through design and publication steps, as much or as little as you like. This lead editor works directly with you, providing the first editing service needed so they will know your book well enough to help you with all the rest of the steps.

Will I maintain the rights to my book?

Absolutely! You will retain 100% of the rights and copyright licenses to the manuscript and all other materials submitted to Indie Author Publishing Services (IAPS) and The Pro Book Editor (TPBE), including all workmanship from services provided to you. You will own your publisher accounts as well, because we will teach you how to set those up or can do it for you, on your behalf, and then teach you how to manage them, whichever option you choose. Royalties are paid directly to you and not shared with anyone beyond the cost of print on demand and digital book delivery the distributor and retailers charge.

What's the difference between formatting and interior book design?


One of the most commonly misunderstood terms in publishing, formatting is only part of two different terms used at two different steps during the packaging process. Standardized Formatting should occur before, during, and after editing as a 3-step process that runs alongside professional editing services. This process is meant to standardize manuscript content in Word while eliminating errors created by changing fonts, cutting and pasting, etc. that happens naturally during writing and editing. Standardized formatting protects a manuscript’s technical accuracy while it transitions to design software to eliminate the need for proofreading designed book interiors after editing. All of our editing services include standardized formatting at no additional charge. Interior Formatting is the process of designing and laying out book interiors for their intended product version.


The art of creating a book’s interior involves making decisions to influence the way readers experience the content of your book for print and digital versions. Through understanding what your unique book is about, our experienced book design team will produce professional and dynamic print and digital book publishing files to the specifications of any distributor(s) you choose. Beyond the design aspect of headings and fonts and line spacing, your personal managing editor will guide you through completing your front and back matter, like a copyright page, about the author, review invitation, other books pages, and much more.

How does book design work?

Once we receive your design services order form, your managing editor will help with completing any details in the order that you might not have been sure about, or wanted recommendations for, then confirm scheduling and billing with you.

Design is completed in this order:

  1. eBook cover design
  2. interior design
  3. print cover design (adds spine and back panel to eBook cover)

At each step, you will receive mock-ups (covers) or proofs (interiors) to review and give revision notes until you approve that part of your book files and then final publishing files are delivered typically within 1 business day of file approval.

Time in between start date and first mock-up/proof, then between your revisions requests and next mock-up/proof can vary from 1-5 business days depending on complexity of the project and/or amount of revisions being made.

Your managing editor will assist you with each step, answering questions and managing the process to flow smoothly and stay on time.

What does unlimited revisions mean?

Unlimited revisions is offered in our design services for the cover and interior work, and it means just that—submit revision notes until you’re happy with the design. It does not include changing your mind on the art style or details or direction of a design to the extent that backtracking to rework previous steps in the process would be needed. We invite authors/publishers to provide as much information as they wish to influence the design they want, from tweaking a design we recommend to dictating the entire design to their specifications from the start, and a managing editor will help guide the process so you get the design you want.

Who determines my book's price and other metadata?

You do. You will set your book’s price, description, keywords, genre, and other metadata information before publishing, and you will have the ability to make changes to your metadata after publishing too. We can help you figure out how to do all of that through quick and easy market research we’ll show you how to do or do for you.

Will my cover design be unique and original?

Absolutely, and you’ll own the rights to that design. Our most popular cover design service produces a completely unique cover without the expense of photo shoots and/or commissioned artwork. A combination of original digital assets and multiple licensed images from stock photo sites are used to create an extensively customized unique design. You will have the option of dictating the design, giving ideas for the designer to expand on, or the designer suggesting a design, and with unlimited revisions, you can’t go wrong. We only retain the right to use the cover we designed for you in our website portfolio and/or advertisements for our services, for promotional purposes only.

Where will you sell my book?

We don’t sell your book, but we will teach you how to sell it anywhere you want to, from limited to Amazon only to worldwide distribution at all retailers using the same print system the big traditional publishers use.

Can I review my book before it's published?

Every step of the way. You will be an active participant during editing and design, then during the publishing steps, you’ll have the option of reviewing an online proof or requesting a proof copy before the publication date.

Privacy Policy

Our philosphy is that all materials related to your project belong to you and all discussions, written and verbal, are completely confidential. Request a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement to see that promise in writing anytime. As the question relates to your email, phone number, etc., we never sell or share information and we never use your information for anything more than delivering the services you request.

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