Let’s Publish!

If you’re looking for help with turning your manuscript into a quality published book, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to providing editing and book design services, we can also handle all of the publishing logistics on your behalf, or teach you how to do these things yourself, fully customized to your preference, so you can maintain 100% of the rights, royalties, and creative freedom.

How does it all work?

Should you only publish to Amazon, or widen distribution to include all retailers worldwide?

What price should you set?

How do you file for a copyright?

Where do you get ISBNs, categories, and keywords sorted out?

Those are only the beginning of the many questions that will need answering as you navigate publishing your book. Through one-on-one coaching, your Publishing Consultant will help you sort through all the details and the pros and cons of all your options while developing your book release strategy.

You can choose to have your consultant personally handle the technical details by uploading your book directly through your publisher account(s), ensuring it gets approved and the listing is completely accurate. Or, they can teach you how to do these things yourself so you can be fully independent and not have this expense next time.

The best part? You keep 100% of the rights and royalties and retain full ownership and control over your content, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Don’t try to stumble through the publishing process. Trial and error is costly, time-consuming, and can cause mistakes that will affect your credibility as an author. Plus, there are some things that cannot be changed once you click the publish button. Let us help you bring your book to market with a customized package of professional publishing services.


Includes: Process Overview, Detailed Checklist, and Additional Information

How much does it cost?

There should never be a one-size-fits all answer to this question where publishing is concerned. Each author and each manuscript is unique, and the work that goes into helping an author publish their manuscript should fit each like a glove.

You will find many websites offering package deals ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and they make these packages look appealing by offering things you don’t necessarily need them for to begin with.

We only offer straight talk here, from veterans of the publishing industry who genuinely want you to be successful. The down and dirty, honest truth, and nothing less. And our customizable publishing services, whether doing the tasks for you or teaching you how to do them, or some combination in between, never costs anything close to what those other companies charge.

You’ll get more out of it, maintain more control, and spend less for better results. And since you don’t have to commit to anything before learning enough to make that decision, what have you got to lose?

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